Single Kayaks

Necky Looksha 14
Sleek lines combined with a large roomy cockpit make the Looksha 14 perfect for touring and coastal exploring. It has excellent tracking and glide, while offering great edge control with a smooth transition between primary and secondary stability.

Tandem Kayaks

Necky Manitou 11
Incredibly versatile tandem with the feel and glide of a touring boat combined with the stability and comfort of a recreational kayak. Unique dual cockpit with one large opening and one smaller opening comfortably seats two adults plus an additional child or pet. Aft seat can be adjusted for solo paddling.

Necky ocean kayaks are suitable for day-trippers – they are longer and more stable than the whitewater kayaks that most people think of. We like to describe the flat-water kayaks as similar to canoes but easier to steer.