Enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle at our easy to access location, just steps from the seawall.

Kayak Passes

Multi-month and annual passes provide you access to our kayak fleet during the term of your pass. Passes include access to the boat, paddle, throw ropes, bilge pumps, boat sponges, and PFD (life jacket).

If you have no experience with kayaking, we offer an Intro to Kayaking course. Please click here for details.

Please note the revisions to our operating procedures due to COVID-19.

    • Reservations are mandatory. To reserve a boat, please email info@dragonboatbc.ca. Reservations are taken from Saturday onwards for the following week, and must be received by 7:00 PM the evening before your intended booking slot.
    • A full listing of operational changes is listed at dragonzone.ca/alerts. Users must abide by social distancing measures, sanitation measures, and quarantine measures if they exhibit any illness symptoms/are a confirmed COVID-19 contact/have been out of Canada recently. All users should wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth.
    • Creekside Kayak passes will be lengthened by 11 weeks if your pass was valid during our closure period from March 16 to June 1. If your pass expired during our closure, it will be lengthened to make up for the difference between March 16 and whenever your original expiry date was.
    • A special Creekside Kayaks “top-up” pass will be offered to existing passholders for the period between their new pass expiry date until the end of September 2020.

Kayak Pass Rates

Due to COVID-19, our pass structures have changed:

      • Returning Passholder Extension to end of September: Email us for information
      • New Passholders: 2020 Summer Kayak Pass Stage 2 (valid until September 30): $225

Passholders have access to 1 slot/day for kayaks OR SUP OR tandem boat. If using a tandem boat, both paddlers MUST be current passholders. All SUPs have been reserved exclusively for passholder use only at this time.

All prices are plus GST. To sign up for a pass, please contact info@dragonboatbc.ca for assistance.

What’s included in a kayak pass?

Paddling Sessions

Access the facility during when our docks are open to passholders, and enjoy easy access to the water. Note the following restrictions.

      • Rental Season: April 15-September 30 – advance reservations mandatory via info@dragonboatbc.ca, limited to 1 hour/day during our rental hours of operation.
      • Outside of Rental Season: October 1-April 15 – reservations not required, operating with first-come-first-served system
      • Procedures may be adjusted from time to time, and access to boats are subject to safety and other restrictions. Visit dragonzone.ca/rules for further details, and dragonzone.ca/alerts for the most up-to-date dock and facility notices

Discounted Creekside Community Centre Gym Use

Please inquire at the front desk at Creekside Community Centre for information on what discounts you may be eligible for as a paddler at Dragon Zone Paddling Club.

General Rules and Procedure

All participants who are not multi-month or annual pass holders may be required to provide valid photo ID and a credit card to be held as a deposit while you are on the water.

Your reservation time starts at the time booked. For instance, if you have booked from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, you should be on the water at 2:00 PM. During COVID-19, slots have been shortened by 5 minutes total to allow enough social distancing on the docks between changeovers. Please ensure you return by the end of your time, as other users will be waiting for the boat. Late rental returns will be subject to penalties.

All paddlers must wear an approved PFD while in the boat at all times. Paddlers are not allowed to take off their PFD at any time while on the water.

All children under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult. At least one person in a tandem kayak and canoe must be 18 years of age

It is highly recommended that you bring your cell phone with you in case of an emergency.

The following are prohibited activities. In case of breach of these rules, your session may be terminated immediately without any refund or credit provided.

    • Feeding or provoking wildlife
    • Trespassing on private property
    • Littering
    • Intentional capsizing or swamping
    • Going beyond the boundaries as explained to you by staff at the time of your check-in including going beyond Burrard Street Bridge at any time.
    • Paddling while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly banned. Any breach of this rule will lead to an automatic and permanent blacklist.

Refunds and Transfers

Passes are non-refundable and non-transferrable for any reason. Access to the docks, boats, equipment, or other benefits may be restricted for any reason throughout the year including for safety or maintenance purposes. No refunds or credits will be provided in these cases.

We reserve the right to end or cancel your pass for any reason including for safety reasons, disruptive or inappropriate conduct, failure to respect reservation policies, or failure to abide by our rules and policies including waiver submission, without refund.